Perfect Fit

Perfect fit blinds and are a ‘perfect’ solution for modern uPVC windows as they simply clip into the existing window frames in between the glass and the beading. Have any of your favourite blinds incorporated into the Perfect Fit frame.

Perfect fit blinds fit stylishly into your window frames and offer enhanced privacy – as there are no gaps down the sides of the blind. They also offer maximum space on window sills as they stay within the actual window frame – so freeing up space for say pictures, vases and ornaments. Frames are available in white, silver, brown and golden oak to match modern uPVC frames. They are also ideal for modern tilt & turn windows as the blind stays securely within the Perfect Fit frame when the window is tilted!

  • Choice of over 100 stunning colours
  • Cellular blinds available for greater thermal efficiency and blackout properties
  • Can be operated as freehang via cord/lock operation or tensioned via simple tab control
  • Available in Perfect Fit frames for modern windows with no drilling or screwing


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